About Us

What we Do In Unitas of Jamaica(UNITAS)

UNITAS is a non-profitĀ  Service Agency of the Moravian Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Island. The Agency was established in 1980by members of the Moravian Church and has the foundation for a progressive future in preaching the gospel through the wholistic human development in the areas of Spiritual, Agricultural, Vocational, Educational, Diaconal, Youth programmes and Special Projects. Central to the success of these programmes is the partnerships formed with external agencies such as:

Overseas Funding Agencies:

  • ZZg,
  • Moravian Church Foundation

Local Funding Agencies such as:

  • Moravian Church in Jamaica and The Cayman Islands
  • Jamaica Council of Churches(JCC)
  • The Ministry of Agriculture,
  • Rural Agriculture Development Agency(RADA)
  • Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ)
  • Universal Service Fund

Our Team

Board of Directors:

  • Chairman – Rt Rev. Stanley Clarke
  • Mr. Lester Murray – Vic. Chairman
  • Mr. Oniel G. Bailey – Programmes Manager
  • Mrs. Constance Bodley – Treasurer
  • Mrs. Claudette Boyd – McDaniel – Secretary
  • Miss. Edlin Thompson – Board Member and Founder
  • Mr. Errol Baker – Asst. Secretary
  • Rev. Neilson Waithe – Board Member – Anger Management

The focus will be on Basic Schools with a view to upgrade Primary Schools where needed, assist with computer technology and install modern sanitary conveniences.