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Are you interested in submitting a proposal for the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives?

Join our upcoming Virtual Showcase and Info Session on Tuesday, March 15, 2022 to learn more about the call for proposals & how to apply.

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Change lives locally and AROUND THE WORLD

More work space will be available and more students and training programmes will be carried out. The Wood work which started at Huntley and the Welding project which started at Top Alston, in Clarendon and New Market in Westmoreland will be operated at a more advanced level at Mizpah in Manchester,  where woodwork and fabrication will done at one location.

A Feasibility Study is to be carried out as a requirement by ZZg our funding agency. With our level of operations reaching the standard of HEART/TRUST NTA.

Make a difference

Support for children to stay in school through breakfast and lunch programmes, providing books, uniforms, shoes and technological gadgets to improve reading at the Grade Four level, improve attendance, proper nutrition and greater interests  in lessons. The focus will be on Basic Schools with a view to upgrade Primary Schools where needed, assist with computer technology and install modern sanitary conveniences.

The PROGRAMME MANAGER will liaise with congregations, communities and Basic Schools, prepare the relevant project/s for submission and hope for approval and funding.